Future life in Space

Since my childhood I have been fascinated by the stars. In summertime my dad and I clapped our lounger backwards spend and spend hours watching the stars. And if we were lucky we could see satellites or the space-station IS crossing over.


Nowadays this fascination hasn’t changed. Lucky for me, now I’m old enough to not wait till summertime to watch the stars. Every night, before sleeping, I walk with my dog doing his last needs, the stars hypnotize me to look at the sky. My thoughts are “what is out there”? “Will I still be alive to witness humans first trip to Mars”? How would life in space look like and do I have a change to see our blue planet from the outside.


I’m sure you share the same thoughts once in a while. At least the Swedisch filmmaker Erik Wernquist did when he created his short film WANDERERS. He managed to visualize the quest of human life in our solar system. With his film he hypnotize with its magical shots and epic story-line. like the stars do with me every night when I look at them.

He suggest you to watch his movie in full-screen and with good speakers. And again I share his opinion in this. Besides watching WANDERS, I suggest you to take a look at his webpage as well, to know more about the project.


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