Living in the polar city Norilsk

Documentary Photographer Elena Chernyshova spend seven months in Norilsk to document the daily life of citizens in the cold and polluted city Norilsk.

My love for nature is big. It’s fascinating to imagine how our globe has been shaped over the million years this planet exist. Russia is the largest country of the world, with relatively a small population compared to their size. With this reason a big size of this country has area’s untouched by human hands. Pure and beautiful. But unfortunately there are some exceptional area’s, like the city Norilsk.

Norilsk is the second largest city above the article circle with a population around 175.000 people and one of the most polluted city of the world.


Elena was able to capture the life, as if you were there. She took part in events, adopted herself in the population, but was also able to register the unbearable conditions the people live in. You can see her pictures individual, but you will experience her documentary more by watching the full series at once.

Her awarded project can been seen on her website.

Source: Moscow Times


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