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I am a freelance Director, Concept developer and Traveler from the Netherlands, who specializes in films, commercials and music videos. Keen on drawing since my childhood, I developed an interest in storytelling through my love for visual art. That journey led me to become a director, and from there to my second love; travelling.

After mastering in Directing at Prague Film School in 2011, I moved to St. Petersburg and co-founded Tree Film Productions. For three years I have created commercials, corporate films and promotion films for the Russian market. Since the beginning of 2015 I have channeled my focus into the telling of stories through film.

My work can be categorized by mystery and the act of surprise, which runs as a backbone through my projects. By mean of a sharp eye and a keen sense of atmosphere, I not only tell a story but try to inspire as well.

This website is not only the presentation of my professional work, but also a window to my personal perception of the world and what sits with my mind.

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Phone: +31 (0)6 – 422 053 54